Saturday, September 15, 2012

so far, The Most Memorable School Related Activity I've Ever Done

Memorable isn't enough to describe it. It was too awesome. 
So yeah we had our 3 day retreat in Caleruega, Batangas. I expected, boring catechist lectures and kumbaya-singing moments, but no.
I had the time of my life.

4AD1, 2013
I cannot thank you guys more, for everything. I cannot elaborate further how grateful I am to have met you guys. 

me, cha, kat, angela, sarah
mitch, criss, eka, tine, cy, and chill
the bestest ladies I know. I've never felt so welcome and comfortable. 

me, mitch, and criss.. marlon, joey, and erik.
I don't really know how much I could thank them. All I know is, they're just too awesome, and I'm just to lucky to have them.

my babes

me and erik 

me and kim 

me and cha

look, dingdong is behind us! :))

to nights I can barely remember, with the people I'll never forget

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