Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ah, finally! A bucket list. (or not, yet.)

Nope, I'm not dying, I just thought It'll be more productive and adventurous to have a bucketlist.
I am turning 20 anytime soon, and time runs like a bitch in a mall on a 90% off sale. And I've been thinking I've been nothing but all work, no play, just idle. haha. SO why not list a few things to do before I turn 20. Well I can't promise myself I can do everything on this list, but I have no excuse to say "I totally forgot about that one" since I'm writing about it now.

Anyway, before that, let's see what has happened to me so far this year.
1. I lost like 40 lbs :)):
Long story short, well I'm not all talk, I do something when I set my mind into it.
2. Started working out, getting fit, "fitting in" into that healthy lifestyle, well trying anyway.
3. Stopped eating trash! :)) I no longer eat fast food, or drink soft drinks. :D
well yeah me and my family eat at restaurants from once in a while, but those aren't trash haha. When you start sweating, and working hard, doing 100 crunches a day, not stopping until you know you're totes gonna be sore in the morning, everything you put in your mouth, you have to think twice, "is this gonna be worth the extra 10 minutes on the treadmill?". So yeah, I'm no fitness junkie or anything, but I totally learned how every  minute of work out makes a total difference. :D
4. Employed- kinda.
Well I had internship all summer, which explains my absence on here. The company I worked for decided to hire me. I'm still not sure if I would like to continue running Skye Street, but maybe I would. Let's just see.
5. Someone told me I'm a natural born hustler:
so yeah, he said it straight up. It's prolly one of the best compliments I'm ever getting hahaha. Just proves, it's not about what you have, it's about what you can do to make your last 50 bucks turn more than how it's worth.
6. My patience is short, WAS.
Well I guess it's me attracting how impatient I am, that the universe has given me things to be patient about. That a tall strong tree does not grow overnight, that not everyone can process a simple quote, that ice cream does not freeze just when you say it should, that not anyone can and will try to understand you as you explain (most times they'd even take it as if you're starting an argument with them). But that's where "Keep Calm, don't let your impatience get to you, breathe in, breathe out,  hope for the best to come, and carry on". You can not carry all those silly little bad vibes you make up in your shoulders. My point exactly, if you know you can avoid the stress, do it! :)

so yeah so much for my bucket list. I think I'll just post a separate post for that hahaha :D It's just appropriate that I put and ( ) as not to mislead. lol.
anyway, those are more things to be grateful for, YAY :D

I am Eternally Grateful,

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