Saturday, March 24, 2012

Buffet 101: Mall of Asia

So my family loves Chinese Restaurants, and for the sake of them loving buffet, too, might as well make a review of the family fave "Buffet 101"

Located withing the vicinity of Mall of Asia ( boardwalk farthest left, exact opposite of Vikings)
Buffet 101 is something I look forward to when we eat out.

tuna and salmon sashimi, mussle thingy and nachos, lol, i ate more don't worry.

candy bar, chocolate fountain, next to it is the ice cream bar.




chandeliers above your food

more food


tempura, more food.

chinese food

kuya slicing up the Peking Duck

salad bar


Japanese food

i love desserts, haha!

Buffet 101 won a place in Chinoy TV's top 3 best buffet restaurants!

I love the variety of food they have to offer at a very reasonable price :)
It's a get together with the family if you love eating. The ambiance is great; Although, it can be a little noisy since there's always a lot of people eating there (yes remember to reserve in advance)
it's a great way to dine with the family.

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