Friday, February 3, 2012

Ideas that matter 2012- integrated marketing competition.

6 Pax Advertising

 okay we didn't win. kasi wala tayong powerpoint and shiz....  this has been a very memorable learning experience. We may not have won, but I surely think I won one of the best working expirience I've ever had. You guys were great, and everyone had their heart on this. The hard work we all put into this was worth it padin. Kahit na we didn't win, I still believe na bigyan nila tayo another extra day baka bilhin nila yung idea natin. The message was just not clearly passed on to the judges. We had flaws, a lot actually, but now the lesson is to deeply learn from them. And right now I really (strongly as in sobra) think we couldve won this if we didn't spend most of the time stressing on our bad vibes (law of attraction haha).

I took this course kasi it was going to be an advantage for me when I build my business empire, pero you guys made me realize it's so much more than that. I'm still trying to build up on it. pero one thing's for sure, I will make sulong to this chaotic industry they call Advertising. And sabi ko if we did won, when I become a tycoon I'll make sure one of my most pride posession is the "Pax Worldgroup".

I tried not to cry over this, pero I know how much work we put into it. How the only sleep we had is the fx/bus ride to school. How we had to balance it with all out other subjects. And although I can name  few more of the bad shit we had to do just so we can overthink about every choice we had to make as a team,I wont kasi I seriously enjoyed doing all of these with you guys. Ang mahal ng mga meeting natin, pero we had more than meetings. We had bonding moments where we got to know each other more and more. 

So right now, no I don't care what they think of our campaign. I don't care if they don't get it. I don't give a fuck if they think we sucked, kasi all I want to do is tell everyone what awesome working with you guys are. How every meeting was something to look forward to. How overthinking got us even wiser and cleverer with our choices. How inspiring you guys are. How hardworing everyone was. And although I am very happy for the winning team, and how envious I am kasi nga they won, I think I have no reason to be ashamed  of 6 pax and I am more than proud to say I do belong to 6 Pax. I know how this ITM competition is just another passing thing to some, but for me has been a learning expirience. Have you guys any idea what such visionaries I have as groupmates. I've never been so inspired to the my best. so yeah, iit killed me to see them sad after our presentation. 

We've had only a little time to really know each other but I have no doubt you guys will go places someday, and I extend to you my sincerest gratitude. God salamat po sa 6 Pax. dream team? hindi kami panaginip, totoo kami :))))) #weh

tara sa maginhawa, gusto ko ng tapa pasta na hindi lasang model food. 

the visionary :)

thank you 6 pax, will never forget you guys :) 

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